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11 de julho de 2016
You know that shop that you can not get in and out of there without doing some shopping? This is the, but I know you knew that already because I talk shop here on the blog.

In my daily life I like to be always comfortable and it will not give up using parts that show my personality, but are wham-back dress, and matching my pace of life super run.

Today, at the request of Fashionmia, come share with you my wishlist of some darlings parts store there and I want a lot.

01. Hollow Out Lace Patchwork Skull Printed Extraordinary Round Neck Short-Sleeve-T-Shirts: If you have something that can never be lacking in my closet are pieces with lace details that make the look for much more modern and chic all, so on my wishlist would not miss a t shirt with lace details.

02. Hollow Out Printed Crew Neck Bodycon Dress: Another thing I find really cool, especially for those days that we are not so patiently to choose a look, you always have a dress with bright colors and modern pattern. Oh, in that case depending on the accessory you can have looks for up to 3 situations with a single piece (the trendiest, the stylish and casual). See more options.

03. Bohemian Floral Printed Off Shoulder Shift Dress: The 'gipsy' neckline is very classic, my mother came to use there in the 80's, and now appears revisited and that dress combined very well with this Indian pattern. How not to die in love with this dress ??

04. Plain Delightful Off Shoulder Short-Sleeve-T-Shirts: Top of super relaxed modeling also with 'gipsy' neck or shoulders bare, but that was super audacious and beautiful in this shade of red.

Click here be sure to visit the store!

Tell me: What Store parts can not miss in your wishlist? What kind of parts abound in your closet?

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6 comentários:

  1. Olá...
    Adorei ver as peças e sua lista de desejos...
    Até, mais...

  2. Adorei todas as peças, principalmente o vestido 02, é lindo ♥

  3. Amei demais os vestidos e essa camiseta alongada de caveira, estão incríveis e fazem muito meu estilo. Adorei suas escolhas.



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