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Do you know the difference between K gold, gold and platinum?

12 de agosto de 2019
K gold, gold and platinum jewelry are very common metal jewelry in our lives, but do you know the difference between K gold, gold and platinum? If you are still not clear, just take a look. 

1. Karat Gold 

K gold is an alloy of gold and other metals. K gold jewelry is characterized by low gold content, low price and can be made into various colors, and is not easily deformed and worn. The hardness of gold is not high and it is easy to be deformed. It is difficult for gold to be inlaid into various exquisite styles. Therefore, people add a small amount of copper, zinc, silver and other metals to the alloy to make alloys, which can change the color of the gold while increasing its hardness.

Nowadays, the internationally popular K-gold jewelry has various colors necklaces for girlfriend, but the most common ones are white and yellow. When 25% of palladium or nickel is mixed in gold, it will become white, which is generally called white gold. K gold is divided into 24K gold, 22K gold, 14K gold, 18K gold, 9K gold, etc. according to the content of gold. The most common one in our market is 18K gold. In theory, we refer to the 100% gold as 24K, so the calculation method is 100/24. The national standard GB11887-89 stipulates that the content per K is 4.166666%.

 2. Gold 

 Gold is a soft, golden yellow, corrosion-resistant precious metal. It is chemically stable. It is generally not oxidized from normal temperature to high temperature in air, and is insoluble in a single strong acid such as hydrochloric acid, nitric acid or sulfuric acid. Gold has a long history as a jewelry cheap promise rings, especially in China. 

Gold jewelry has always been our traditional jewelry, but in recent years, with the advent of platinum jewelry, the market for gold jewelry has been affected more or less. Metal jewelry with the Au logo is the gold jewelry. In general, we use “K” to indicate the purity of gold. The pure gold with 100% gold is called 24K gold. But with current technology, it can't make 100% pure gold, so 24-carat gold doesn't really exist. In the issue of the gold content of gold products, the state has clearly stipulated that every gold jewelry sold by a merchant must be listed with its gold content and weight.

The gold content is not less than 99%, called pure gold, and the gold content is not less than 99.9. % is called inlaid metal. It is not allowed to mislead consumers by using the irregularities such as “Thousands of feet of pure gold”, “Solid Gold”, “24K Gold” and “9999”. 

3. Platinum 

Platinum is a natural white precious metal. Pure platinum is silver-white metallic luster with bright and beautiful color. It is one of the most popular precious metals. Platinum is chemically stable, insoluble in strong acids and alkalis, non-oxidizing in the air, and highly ductile. As a non-renewable natural precious metal, platinum has much less reserves and yield than gold. And an ounce of platinum takes five months to extract from 10 tons of platinum ore, so it is an extremely rare metal jewelry material. For this reason, platinum is often used to make engagement or wedding rings as a symbol of love and permanence. 

Platinum is represented by Pt. The national regulations stipulate that only jewelry with a platinum content of 85% or more can be called platinum jewelry and must with the Pt logo. Platinum of different purity commonly found in the market are: Pt900, Pt950 and Pt990 (Thousand foot platinum), such as Pt950, which represents platinum with a platinum content of 95%. 

Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a general understanding of the difference between K gold, gold and platinum. When purchasing gold jewelry you will not confuse again. Get name necklace
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